Allergy translation cards

Great idea to improve communication between guests and staff

I stumbled upon a great idea on Cheryl's blog "crispy not crunchy": allergy translation cards (check out the original post on her site). Basically these are cards travelers can carry with them that translate the terms of common allergies into the host country's language and have pictures on them to make it very clear, what foods the guest is allergic to. While we speak English here at the hotel, not everyone on the staff would be proficient enough to use and understand dietary terms. Having cards in various languages on hand and enabling guests to use them if and when needed might be a great idea! And certainly a good service idea. I'll need to research which dietary terms to translate / prepare on a fact sheet. If you have ideas to share, please let me know! And please remember to tell us (preferably before your arrival) if you have any special needs of a dietary sort. General information about food allergies can be found in this Wikipedia article. Cooking with Wolfgang Marquard