No time to lose: Party ahead!

It's only March but May isn't far off. Not if you're planning a big opening party for a winery. And it's not like we haven't been working toward this event for over a year. First there was the IDEA. Then we three winemakers founded our startup. All the while work began in the vineyards. Pruning, bending, shaping, tending to, cultivating… and finally harvesting the grapes of our first vintage in the Fall of 2012. 

Now our first wines are almost ready. But only just. They are still missing the funky labels that will raise a few eyebrows and turn a few heads. But those are being prepared as I write this and soon to be printed. We should be all set by May when we present our "babies" first to a small group of friends and family, then to the world at our opening on Sunday, May 26th in the courtyard of the castle/estate. 

We've got a chocolatier on board who will also be making Italian-style coffee at our party we are calling "Ein Fest von 3" - a party by/with Three. THREE is us. Us three. But there will be more to see and taste. Not just our wine. Not just great cake and chocolate. We are also working on great food. Oh, and: Music. There has to be music.

So stay tuned. We're working on it. And: Be there! On Sunday, May 26th from 11 a.m. on. In Zeilitzheim, that unpronounceable little village in northern Bavaria / southern Germany. If you're an expat in Germany you might already know where that is. If you haven't yet made it across the "pond" I'll be happy to help with directions.