Day-trips to the Fichtelgebirge Region

I recently went on a short vacation to the Fichtelgebirge region with my family. It is mountain range that is close enough to Zeilitzheim for day trips (about 100 miles / 160 km), which is why I want to recommend it here.

For those interested in cultural events, the Luisenburgfestspiele near Wunsiedel are an attraction during the summer months. The Luisenburg Rock Labyrinth is also located here and is a must visit with kids. Our kids, who usually tend to start whining after a couple hundred yards on walks, climbed up the jagged rocks with a frenzy.

We visited the visitor mine near Fichtelberg on a rainy day; perfect, as you spend about an hour under ground. This is a great tour for kids, too. You get to wear a miners overcoat, helmet and lamp. Every visitor (who wants it) is christened with a smear of silver dust on the cheek. Group pictures can be ordered at 3 Euros including postage within Germany (so you could have the pictures mailed to your hotel if you travel Germany for a few weeks).

The mountains aren't exactly the Rockies but still fun to climb (more likely hike up). If traveling with kids you can always take one of the two chair lifts up the Ochsenkopf mountain and hike back down. We hiked down half way and then took the Sommerrodelbahn (dry toboggan run) down the rest of the way. A blast! Not just for the kids...

Of course there are numerous restaurants in the region. Feel free to ask me for recommendations when you visit!

On the way home we stopped off at Bayreuth which is a beautiful city with grand architecture. The Hermitage (with its sprawling gardens and - of course - beer garden) is a must visit in Bayreuth.

There is so much to see and do within a 100-200 km radius of Zeilitzheim. We will continue to go on short vacations within our own region so that I can post more travel tips here on the blog.

Photos: Luisenburg Rock Labyrinth, Hermitage (Bayreuth) - more at




No Credit Card Required

When I get calls or emails from people in the United States regarding rooms at our hotel, they almost always offer me their credit card number for the reservation. And they are sometimes confused, perhaps even irritated when I tell them I don't need a credit card to secure the booking. Perhaps they doubt the seriousness of the booking without the security or finality of providing payment information in advance. The fact is: we hardly *ever* have no-shows here at the hotel. And if someone can't follow through on a reservation, there is almost always a very good reason for it. We simply ask for as much "heads-up" as you can possibly give us if and when you have to cancel a booking. It's really that simple. Of course we would rather have you visit than not but we won't charge your credit card if your plans have to change. This policy has worked very well for us and our guests - provided this information - feel safe enough that we will honor their reservation even without noting a credit card number. That said: what other information could we provide you that would you decide on visiting with us and/or in planning your trip? Fresco