Gearing Up For Things To Come

The hotel has been closed over the winter and is about to open its doors back up to the general public, be it overnight-hotel-guests or visitors of our cultural events and wine tastings. The first big one of this sort will be our annual Easter Market on Sunday, March 15th (always held 3 weeks before Easter Sunday). Visitors will also get a chance to taste our wines on that day.

In the vineyards work is continuing with pruning. Back at the winery we have been busy bottling wines that will hit the shelves around May.

Spring Work in Our Vineyards

My two colleagues and I used last week's perfect weather to get some work done in our vineyards. We placed so-called nursery cartons (protective sleeves) around the newly planted vines to protect them from wind and cold. It's almost like rearing children (minus the back talk! Just kidding…).

Removing high-growing grass from underneath the budding vines, which would negatively influence the chance of frost damages (there are usually a few days of early-morning frost here in early to mid March), was tough manual labor. But caring for each vine is certainly also a very rewarding enterprise.

Now we are experiencing two days of solid rain. A chance to recuperate from last week's work before we head back out this coming week.

Budding Vines above the Main River in Franconia - Photo Alexander von Halem