The village of Zeilitzheim (yes, it's difficult even for Germans to spell or pronounce, which is why we ourselves often refer to is as "Z") has about 750 inhabitants. It is situated halfway between two picturesque small towns with Volkach on the Main river on the one side and Gerolzhofen, regionally known as the "Portal to the Steigerwald Forest" on the other. The nearest city is Schweinfurt known for its ball-bearings factories but more recently acclaimed for its art collections and museums.

Despite its small size, the village has two churches (the main church in the center of the village, which is Lutheran and a catholic church) and a chapel at the cemetery. Until the terror regime of the Nazis Zeilitzheim also had a small but thriving Jewish community of which there are still a few traces left in the village.

There is a bakery in the village that also sells various items of daily necessity. Most shopping is done in nearby Volkach or Gerolzhofen, however.