Blogging is out. All the hipsters are into printed stuff. Get The Big Z Zine: Twelve or so pages of awkwardly drawn, mostly badly hand-written, somewhat hand-crafted (maga)zine about life in a Northern (Bavarian) Town, travel tips, rants, raves and musings. Appears irregularly.

How to get the current issue? 

Its totally offline so if you want to take a peak you’ll have to order your very own copy (while supplies last, terms and conditions won't apply). Youre paying barely more than just postage so just suck up your doubts and take the plunge. ORDER NOW!

Im going to keep this simple, so no fancy shop. If you want to have a copy mailed to you, please just make a donation using the PayPal button and send me a note/mail/postcard/chat/whatever telling me who you are, which issue you want and where to send it so I can match your donation to your address. Currently available: Issue One.

Suggested donations:  for mailing within Germany 2 Euros per issue, overseas 4 Euros per issue.

(1 Euro is worth about 1 U.S. Dollar, though, obviously, rates will vary).

If all that weirded you out, just reach out and ask, i.e. thru my facebook page at https:// facebook.com/BavarianCastle